How to install a TV in the room?

Ideas for integrating the small screen into your bedroom

Thanks to the advent of smart TVs, you no longer need to use multiple cables to connect your TV. It is more discreet and can therefore take place in a bedroom discreetly. In addition, the dimensions are multiplied to suit all spaces. Here are some ideas among which you will surely find the one that will allow you to enjoy a television in your room.

How to install a TV in the room?

Placed on a piece of furniture

This installation is very practical because it does not require any work . All you have to do is put the television on a piece of furniture, ideally located opposite the bed . However, care must be taken that it is neither too high nor too low in order to be able to watch television in a comfortable position. So it is better if the TV is at your head height or just a little higher .

Hanging on the wall

To fix a television to the wall , he first invests in a wall bracket specially designed for this purpose. They come in all sizes, often adjustable, to suit all screen sizes. The television fits into the bracket once it has been fixed to the wall. Some brackets have an adjustable arm , which is particularly useful if you have to move your television away from your bed. In small rooms, this solution is perfect because it does not take up space , the television being almost glued to the wall.

To move around the room

There is nothing better to be able to move your television around than to install it on a stand dedicated to this function. It then has a support which is attached to the back of the screen as well as a space to hide the cables. Some models are also equipped with a stand to place the sound bar.

Installed inside a niche

If one of the walls in your bedroom has a niche, this may be the perfect opportunity to install a television. This will then be more discreet , blended into the decor of the room. You can install your television in the same way inside an unused niche of a cabinet , making sure beforehand that the shelf intended to accommodate it is strong enough.

Fixed to the slope of a sub-slope

To install a television in a room located just under the roof and in which there is a sub-slope, you can perfectly use this inclined surface to position it there. The screen, mounted on a wall mount , will then be directed perfectly towards you when you are lying in your bed.

Hanging from the ceiling

Having a false ceiling in a bedroom can be very useful for installing a television in that room. It is indeed the ideal fallback solution if your walls are not free. A retractable motor support should then be installed inside the false ceiling . You can then control it using a dedicated remote control . You will be able to adjust the orientation of your screen as well as its tilt according to your needs.

Installed at the foot of the bed

The new televisions benefiting from HD technology, it is quite possible to watch television without respecting a minimum distance of 2 meters . So you can perfectly choose to install your HDTV on a piece of furniture directly at the foot of your bed .

Fixed on a pivot

The pivot is most often placed on a cabinet in which are all the cables necessary for the proper functioning of the television. The television set thus installed on this directional stand, itself fixed to the cabinet , can then be oriented as you wish depending on where you want to watch television. This solution is very practical if you have, in addition to your bed, an armchair in your room.

Stowed in a cabinet with doors

Nothing like installing a cabinet with doors in your room to place your TV. So when you’re not using it, the television is cleverly hidden inside the cabinet that you can just open to watch your favorite program. Remember to drill the bottom of the cabinet so that the cables can enter it discreetly. Also measure furniture and television upstream so that their dimensions match to make this arrangement possible.

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